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Espresso Onyx

Taking it to the edge, there’s nothing balanced about Espresso Onyx, it’s wonderfully imbalanced in the most sumptuously dark and velvety way. Deeply roasted, smoky and intense: finely ground Arabica and Robusta beans bring out the best in this warm, spicy blend. This dark roast brings notes of dark chocolate, spicy and bitter cocoa to the fore, followed by a lingering, distinctive aftertaste.

If you love delving into coffee’s dark side, this unique espresso is for you. Explore espresso's darkest blend, created by L'OR Coffee Artists.

Blend core: Dark, Smoky, Intense

Intense - spicy

Ristretto, Espresso



Espresso Onyx

10 capsules, GROUND COFFEE IN CAPSULES, packaged in a protective atmosphere. Net weight 52 g ℮
Nutritional Information
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About L'OR Espresso Onyx

  • A rich, dark-roasted blend featuring smoky, spicy notes. Explore coffee’s dark side – extreme and intense

  • L'OR Espresso Onyx espresso machine pods.

  • Espresso Onyx can be enjoyed any time, it has a taste intensity of 12 (on a scale of 1-13).

  • L'OR Espresso Onyx capsules are compatible with both Nespresso & L'OR BARISTA machines.

  • Espresso Onyx comes packed in top-quality, recyclable aluminium pods to make sure you always enjoy the best coffee aroma and flavour.

  • 10 L'OR Espresso Onyx capsules come in each package; that makes 10 delicious cups of espresso coffee.

  • Coffee is sourced from UTZ certified farms.

L'OR Espresso Onyx Capsules

Specially designed to maintain the intense, aromatic flavours of L'OR Espresso Onyx, our airtight, aluminium capsules ensure that you always get top-quality coffee. It's so easy to brew Espresso Onyx in your home espresso machine, dive into the ultimate intense, smoky blend at any time of day.

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