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Discover L'OR Espresso pods

Discover our espresso flavours in the online shop. The intensity of our espressos is indicated on each capsule. L'OR Espresso has an extensive range with various espresso capsules with different strengths and taste for your coffee ritual: add some milk, or enjoy it as a double shot or single shot espresso. Create your own espresso, cappuccino, latte or flat white at home with L'OR espresso pods. Try our best selling L'OR pods: Espresso Supremo, Espresso Splendente and Espresso Satinato. Espresso used to be the secret of the Italian and they kept this coffee in Italy. Luckily, now you can drink an espresso anywhere.

What's the difference between the espresso capsules?

You can choose your favourite espresso within the range of L'OR Espresso capsules. Not sure which flavour you'll enjoy? The espressos differ in strength, intensity and flavours. Do you prefer a pure, strong espresso? Try the Onyx, an authentic espresso, created of dark roasted beans. Rather an espresso with hints of almond and a floral flair? Espresso Sontuoso is your espresso. Intensity indicates body & flavour strength on a scale from 1 – 14, ranging from light-bodied to rounded bodied with lots of aromas. Look at the full range of L'OR Espresso to make sure you buy the right espresso pods online.

Enjoy espresso at home

If you order your espresso online, you can choose from the widest range of coffee pods. Your order will be delivered to your doorstep. The espresso pods of L'OR let you enjoy your favourite espresso based coffees at home. With the Nespresso®* compatible espresso pods, you create a tasteful espresso with one press on the button of your espresso machine. Use an espresso glass to enjoy your espresso even better. The pods are made of aluminium to give you the best taste experience possible. L'OR Espresso capsules can be recycled through terracycle.

Not looking for Espresso? Have a look at L'OR Ristretto, Lungo, Decaf or all L'OR coffee pods.

*Brand belonging to a third party which has no link to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS.

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