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For the family or for yourself, short or long, there are so many ways of enjoying a L’OR coffee. It is all a question of taste & equipment, so follow the guide!


Coffee beans are generally freshly ground in an automatic machine. Pressurised water runs through the grinding and produces an intense espresso coffee, creamy with body. This process produces the smoothness and richness of the aromas of the best coffees. Therefore, the quality is excellent. Coffee beans can also be ground in a separate mill and used in a cafetiere.


Generally, ground roasted coffee beans, preserved in packaging that limits contact with oxygen which is synonymous with loss of aroma, are generally referred to as ground coffee.
There are 3 main cafetieres adapted for drinking ground coffee: filter, Italian or a percolator. So which one to choose? This depends on how fine the ground bean is. Then the time it takes for boiling water to pass through the cafetiere will guide your choice. The shorter it is, the finer the grind must be to maximise contact with the water and the release of aromas. Otherwise, the grind must be coarser to avoid producing a coffee that is too saturated with a strong and bitter taste.

This is the case for a filter cafetiere: the water flows at about 92° and passes slowly through the coffee in the filter. The coffee molecules will therefore infuse with the water and the filtered mixture will flow into the jug producing a coffee with an aromatic and slightly bitter taste. This cafetiere allows you to prepare a large quantity of coffee simply and quickly.

The Italian cafetiere or the percolator takes an equally long time. After having poured the water into the bottom section up to the safety valve, the filter is inserted onto this after having been filled with ground coffee. Once it is boiling, the pressure in the water reservoir increases so that boiling water travels through the funnel through the ground coffee to finally reach the top part where the coffee is collected and ready to be consumed. This Italian cafetiere allows you to enjoy a full-bodied and aromatic coffee.

The French Press allows for a shorter preparation time. Ground coffee is put into the cafetiere, then simmering water is delicately poured onto it. You must let the preparation brew for between 30 seconds and 2 minutes according to the strength of coffee that you want to have. Once it has brewed, press the plunger so that the cafetiere’s filter separates the coffee grounds by pushing them to the bottom of the pot. This French Press is quick, easy to use and satisfies the most discerning coffee connoisseurs.


Quick to prepare, instant coffee or soluble coffee only requires hot water. All you have to do is pour hot water into the cup after having put in one to two teaspoons of instant coffee so that it is ready to enjoy. The quality of the blend will then make the difference in brewing. Generally freeze-dried in the form of granules, instant coffee also has the advantage of lasting longer than ground coffee. These granules are obtained via a process of vacuum transformation.


*Enter the world of our capsules compatible with Nespresso®* coffee machines *brand belonging to a third party which has no link to JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS
Discover 3 ways to taste your coffee
Coming from the Italian for “restrained, tight”, a Ristretto is a very short espresso. For the same amount of coffee (7g in general), a Ristretto coffee will only put 20ml of water into the cup, half that of a normal espresso. In fact, it is especially appreciated for its body and its aromatic richness.
Also known by the name, tight coffee, it is appreciated for its generous smoothness and is made via high-pressure percolation (in Italian, espresso means “extracted by pressure”). Espressos are available in many blends, each one offering a specific intensity. L’OR Espresso preserves the essence of each blend in an aluminium capsule specifically packaged to release all of the espresso aromas in the cup.
Also known as a long coffee, it is made with twice as much water running through the same amount of coffee as for an espresso. L’OR Espresso Lungos are specifically designed to produce a large cup (110ml) of a long and intense espresso with a perfect consistency.
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